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Just ate a steam bag of birds eye veggies today. Brocolli, peas and carrots. I had no idea apple sauce was fat free so im glad I read the label. My weight loss just stopped after eating crap and now its going down like 0.2lbs per day. It's not enough for me :( I'm hoping that once my bodys used up the glycogen from all those icky carbs the fat will start dissapearing again. It should have happened by now but I dont expect much from my body these days.

I hate the days following a binge, where your stomach completely changes shape and takes a couple of days to go back in. I actually dreamt of mcdonalds. Fkn ridiculous, how gross is that!? I've just been tearful and angry with myself non stop. Sometimes it feels like it's just as hard to hide the emotional side of this. It's pretty much all I have now.

But apart from my emotional state, I guess I'm doing ok. I have been working out like crazy and I have alot of water anyway because I carry a bottle everywhere. I just want someone to get inside my head, take a look around and tell me what they think. Its so frustrating to think that no one can ever see my world, my reality.

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I don't have a i can't weigh myself, but i go by jean sizes. I'm not loosing because my bf keeps fucking up my fasts by making me eat junk...and it's making me gain. I have had such a hard time purging. It just hasn't been coming up so i took a break from trying to see if it would make a difference...

i did great yesterday...well pretty good. I mean, i walked forever....i ate 365 calories. Then my bf made me eat ice cream...i went to go try and purge...but my roommate was passed out in the bathroom so i could not purge. I'm really hating myself.

In your opinion, what are the best exercises??

One ice cream isnt forever, dont worry. It will just raise your metabolism ready for tomorow to get you back on track. You may even get a drop the next day :)

I dont know much at all about exercise. I'm doing squats, lunges and airbike crunches on the recommendations of others because I hate my thighs. I've always stretched from gym class to stay flex and I imagine that burns a few each morn/night aswell. Plus I walk my dogs alot and rollerskate EVERYWHERE :P I never take my shoes so if its all uphill to get home so be it.

I hate the scales but I couldn't live without them :P I dont know whats worse sometimes, the thought or the number. I used to b/p regularly and it got me through about 4 years with a low-normal weight but all of a sudden I couldnt do it anymore so i had to resort to old methods.

Hoping to be back at 108 in the morning. Praying...x

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