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Weight Chart
I've been keeping track of everything lately so I'm posting it all here and I can update/edit everyday.

Weight:    116.6    114.6    113.4   111.6   111.8    108.8    1.08.2    110.0    110.2    110.4       
Fat:          16.3      15.3      14.9     14.1      13.9     13.6     12.8      13.8     14.1     14.3            
Water:       63.2      64.5     65.4     66.0     67.0     66.7     66.4      65.7     66.6      66.1    


Weight:     111.2    110.6   110.2    108.6    108.2     109.0 
Fat:            14.1     13.7     13.5    13.2     14.8     14.1   
Water:        67.7     67.3     65.7     66.6     66.6     67.0 

Was 110 tonight but I'm hoping thats just water weight. I think I'll be lighter tomorow :)

I love watching the water % go up and the bodyfat % go down. Hopefully it will keep me motivated.

(Edited to fit, took forever lol)

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hey there darlin, thank you so so much for the add and the reply, i've been dying to know what other people are doing and their thoughts on the topic.. i hope that didn't sound nosey or anything...
but definately i mean i found that if i starve during the day or only eat three meals a day i'm more prone to binge and purge during the evening, which is horrible and hard to control, also because i'm a bit of an alco as well, which definately unstables my decision making. since eating only 2-300 per day i've lost heaps of weight too, a few months ago i was 67kg and now i'm 55, which makes me so freakin happy its not funny lol. sorry.
seriously who posted that? i really think that's inaccurate, to be honest with you. its got what like 1 calorie per can and the only thing it does to your body is the bubbles making you feel full, FEEl full, not be full, so go have a pepsie!!! hehe it will not make you fat i promise, you have my word on that.
wow 1100? i'm freaking out about going between 200 and 300, my originial goal was to do 500, but that scares the fuck out of me and theres no way i'll be doing that.
i honestly really think your going about your weight loss in the most healthy way, and i definately commend you for that ^_^
thats ok thank you so much for taking out the time to make the effort, your a real sweetheart hehe.
so anyway tell me about yourself, and how are you doin?
with love kitty*

Sorry, 1100 what? That's awesome progress!! Totally inspiring. I dont drink at all but I smoke weed at night (0cals lmao) I know what you mean about binging in the evening but since I stopped fasting and started restricting I havnt had any problems and I feel better in general, happier.

Hope you're having a good day, be happy :) xx

i love this! how did you figure out the fat and water?

i looooovvvve the thinspo in your last post too. the second picture is so amazing. its pretty much my dream self lmao


I got body analyser scales, they tell you your Bodyfat% Water% Muscle mass, BMI and BMR. Oh yeah and they show your weight lol. They really helped me, I cant even say how much. Definately worth investing in! Hope you're safe/happy/losing :P Good luck! xx

thats awesome! do you know what brand it is? or a link to it on amazon or something? mine has some good features (cal intake to maintain weight, BMI, gender recognition), but nothing that nice!!

good luck stay strong think thin be safe!
<3 ana love

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