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What is up with the negativity? The way I see it, doing this with people who know every detail of your ed, exercise, b/p habits, diet etc is alot safer than doing it alone. I eat more when I'm on these sites that when I'm not and I lose more too. It's like, learning and knowing you're doing something about it relieves the guilt a little. I don't care what anyone thinks, it just pisses me off that people think banning something resolves a problem. Have we learnt nothing through our existence?!

This isnt directed at anyone. I'm just pissed off with the world. Their views. Their judgement. I dont judge you for eating 7x your r/ daily fat intake so fuck off and leave me alone.

Sorry ¬¬

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I totally agree with you...if I didn't have you girls, I would probably try to fast every day and probably not lose anything in the process.

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