Weight - 7st 10 // 108lbs!
Body Fat - 13.6%
Body Water - 67.0%
Muscle Mass - 47.1%
BMI - 18.2

Finally getting somewhere.

Weight: 7st 13.6  (111 lbs I think)
Body Fat - 14.1%
Body Water - 66.0% (gone down 5% from 4 days ago to now. I dont get why, i've been drinking so much water?)
Muscle Mass - 46.4%
BMI - 18.6

That gives me 14.6lbs of fat I can lose before I'm onto muscle. Hopefully I'll look fine though because I really want to be 7st 4 // 102lbs atleast. I hope I'm a pound lighter tomorow. I need to see results for motivation.

A New Start
I can't cope so I need this back. I've stayed at about 500cals or under for a few days without conciously trying - I just feel too depressed to eat. I lost a few pounds and now I'm addicted again. It's the only thing that makes me feel right now.

My Stats:

Height: 5'5

Weight: 114

Highest weight: 130

Lowest weight: 105

GW1: 110

GW2: 105

UGW: 98

I've given myself 2 months, thats only 2 lbs a week so im hoping I'll get there much faster, I just dont want to disappoint myself and then binge. I'd rather aim low and look back when I'm way above target.


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