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I cant believe what I've just done. Not only did I binge, I couldn't get rid of it. I tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It used to be so easy but it's been a while since I've had to and my stomach just grabbed it because of the fasting and restricting. I was doing so well, I was looking at this skirt online I wanted to buy for the summer. After my failed attempts and alot of crying I came back to the computer and that skirt looked awful. I could see my fat in it, not pretty. My stomach hurts so much and I'm so angry at myself. I'm never binging again, it does nothing but drown me in self disgust.

I hope you've all done so much better than me, I really hope you're reaching your goals. Dont bother binging, it's not worth it. Why trade what you have now with a day like that.

SS, TT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Oh my god, I know how you felt, I've been through this 2 days ago..
I just binged and couldn't get rid of it, because I wasn't alone...yeah..but I succeed yesterday with fasting, so I feel a bit better now...I'm still afraid I will gain weight due the binge-failure..

When I look in the mirror I kinda feel like I've just lost the conrtol and gained EVERYTHING back...:((

But just keep focused, then you can only loose weight, not the challenge ;) Stay strong

I used to binge like every week as a kind of treat for not eating anything. It got me through and kept my weight low for ages. Now I cant purge ANYTHING. I dont know what happened, I just lost it. This resulted in 4 days having a binge because i wanted to know I could get rid of it. I couldnt :'( Gained 5 lbs and so I've just been working harder.

Todays been great and I'm getting back into it now. I can't wait to weigh myself in the morning. Not long ago I was dreading it every night. So things are looking up :)

I hope you had a good day too, we can all do this, we wouldn't be here otherwise xxxx

That's weird, I often heard that some girls can't purge anymore...probably because you get used to it. Maybe you can do it some day again, but otherwise I think it's better to keep the anorexic way. There's usually no binging.

The best thing is to stay optimistic, it's so worth it!!
Keep dieting :)

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